UPDATED – 25/10/2016

Below you’ll find our school calendar which has all of the important dates for your diary from now until June 2017.


9 responses to “Calendar

  1. Danielle McGovern!

    danielle mc govern I cant believe it is nearly Christmas…………………………. Santa is nearly coming.

  2. bronagh

    the time goes really fast because it is now February and it was December then and it feels like Chriostmas was last week.

  3. bronagh

    i mean Christmas

  4. Clara

    I know brĂ³nagh it does.

  5. Molly K.

    dont worry, the easter bunny is comimg soon :-)))

  6. its nearly the summer holidays đŸ™‚

  7. its nearly christmas 7 days 5 hrs 16 mins 37 secs

  8. Aoife Murphy

    Yeah only 9 days till Halloween holidays

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